Learn Programming

Why Coding for kids

1. Coding is another language

2. Coding helps children become confident problem solvers. 


3. Coding fosters creativity

4. Coding helps children with Math skills. 

5. Coding improves writing academic performance.  

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Why Learn Practical..?

     Science practicals are one of the fundamental tools enabling our students both to learn scientific knowledge and how to do science. However, we know that carrying out practical work in class has its own challenges. Teachers have shared with us the difficulties they face finding suitable space, time, and resources. They are also concerned about health and safety issues and face student inexperience recognising and using scientific equipment.

Here comes the Scoop Labs, We teach Students Programming and Practical skills with hands-on experience covering most of the science skills and future technology including Arduino, Robots, Programming which is out of our day to day curriculum.

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